The Advantages of Using Hope Development Volunteers:

Some reasons why it makes sense to register with us:

  • Hope Development Volunteers does 80% of your online advertising: since Hope Development Volunteers advertises online to over 3000 websites and 46 newsletters we are positive that your placements will attract attention of potential volunteers. A referral made by us means a volunteer more likely to fit in, be happy, stay with you, and succeed.
  • We prepare volunteers: during the interview we discuss your organization and the type of volunteer work you offer. Hope Development Volunteers’ volunteers arrive ‘one step ahead’ since they are committed and have a better understanding of your mission and services.
  • Low fee won’t stress your budget: Hope Development Volunteers requests only a nominal one-time annual registration fee from organizations, far less than placing even one classified advertisement.
  • A new source of volunteers: we may get volunteers in our office who are not aware of your organization. If they are a fit for your agency we will make sure they get to know you.

Fees to register your volunteer program with us:

Uganda- 250,000= Ugx (Per year)

Kenya – 13000= Ksh. (Per year)

Tanzania- 250,000= Tzsh (Per year)

Rwanda- 102,000 Rwf (Per year)

Burundi- 234,701 Bif (Per year)

Ghana- 600 Ghs (Per year)

Zambia- 1200 Zmw (Per year)

Namibia- 2300 Nad (Per year)


3 thoughts on “Fees

  1. I very much want to join you soon. My question how long do i take to get a volunteer after paying the membership fee and and how oeten do i receive volunteers in a year?

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