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Are you a project director interested in listing your volunteer placements with us or advertising your Hotel, Homestay, Tourism site or Travel Agent.

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11 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi there.
    My name is Ken. Am a manager at mama orphans children’s home in Busia Kenya. We have 137 orphans in our care, there is also a school in our premises. We have a volunteer house that can accommodate up to 8 volunteers at one time. Am happy to provide you with all relevant information including contacts of our past volunteers. You are also welcome to send anyone from your office to come to the ground and check out our facilities. thank you in advance for your consideration

      • Organisation Development Advisor

        LIDEFO, Uganda seeks to recruit an Organisation Development Advisor in Kasese, Uganda to focus on strengthening Liberty Development Foundation (LIDEFO). The Advisor will be primarily involved in giving technical advice on fundraising and supporting the current projects in place and developing ways to support the projects of the organisation such as Beekeeping, environmental conservation and the College. The projects that LIDEFO runs aim to support practices that accelerate the progress of human development with a view to eradicate poverty through sustainable growth. The Advisor will also be involved in a range of community activities to create support for LIDEFO’s programs.

  2. Hello there, My name is Michael and I Manage the international program for my Organisation; Youth Challenge Guyana. We are in Guyana South America and were wondering if there are partnership opportunities. We host International volunteers to do developmental projects in rural communities.

    • Sir/Madam,
      Good day, we are a non profit making Association called MERIDIAN INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR CAPACITY BUILDING (MIICB) located in Kumbo Bui division N W Region of Cameroon.Our main areas of intervention are in the domains of education, health, agriculture, environmental protection. In 2010, we started a project on “Rural Education for the Underprivileged” in localities of Mbah, Kovifem and Nkar. The main aim of engaging in such a lofty project is to assist and educate the less privileged in these localities.
      The project has been on going and we have 100 youths who are presently studying in our Vocational schools in those villages, but we are however prevented from accomplishing our goal as a result of inadequate finance,moral and material means. The school still operates in its temporal sites attached in the pictures. so, we will be more grateful if you assist us, for we have entirely carried out this project via members contribution.For the past years we have train 50 youths who are now self employed and also the community have benefited a lot from us.
      Sir we plead for your kind concern to assist us with volunteers who will assist us in teaching the less privilege and also we wish to seek for partnership with your organization thus we will be very grateful if you give us the procedure.we however have a full details on the school Project and for details you can contact, Mr Ayukea Peter on the Number

      Thanks for your cooperation in advance

  3. HI there, my name is Dorcas Kwaa.I,m in Ghana Africa . My school name is Jamasi Methodist Junoir high school.I,m a teacher and the girlchild coordinator.I,m wondering if there are partnership opportunities.We need assistance for girls who cannot afford and further their education.

  4. I urgently need volunteers in the fields of education, medical health and social work. I founded Friends of Needy children to service OVCs along that area

  5. Hi am Sekate Francis executive director Kalambi community outreach project [KACOP], Am very impressed to hear about the volunteer opportunities you have and would like to establish a volunteer relationship with you. Our organization works with orphans and other vulnerable children providing medical treatment, child rights protection, food and nutrition support as well as economic strengthening to their caregivers.
    KACOP also provides care and support to women through provision of income generating initiatives.
    KACOP established a youth program that aims at bringing them together. Through this youth are able to discover their talents. so far 20 youth are enrolled in the in music dance and drama.

  6. Hi my name is jane. I work for grassroots groups in Kenya Laikipia County. I have been in the forefront in community awareness on the rights of orphans,aged,plwhiv and persons with disability.My C.B.O’s name is Mutirithia supporters of Growing Together.We have identified and rescued children in dire need and also very needy families that survive on very unfavourable conditions in my community.We give a hand to the senior citizens by empowering them to do small projects in the confines of their homes while still taking care of orphans left behind by their children.
    Please if possible I would like to send you our organization’s profile if you wish.

    Thankyou for your good work .

  7. Rwenzori Mountains Baghuma Integrated Association (RAMBIA) is an indigenous Non governmental developmental and voluntary organization formed in 1993 aimed at promoting health,education and empowerment services in Katebwa Sub County, Bunyangabu County, Kabarole District, western Uganda through delivering health services to vulnerable groups of people like those infected with HIV/AIDS , children,pregnant mothers, the youth as well as the general public, by treating communicable diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, malaria among others.
    It has the Executive Director and the Board of Directors, currently it operates a Clinic at a level of a Health Centre III a school for orphans/vulnerable children, a micro finance for women groups, and other many projects.

    To create a positive change among the rural population by building their capacities and advocacy for self reliance, social services, and vocational activities for economic development
    Becoming a reputable, credible and sustainable organization facilitating the transformation of the Rural population through self reliance and poverty alleviation initiatives.

    To provide Medical services particularly those related to improving maternal and infant Health, preventing and treating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other threatening diseases and addressing community health issues through training, teaching and organizing Clinics and out reach programs including vaccination programs.

    2) To promote Agriculture including poultry keeping, apiary, horticulture,animal husbandry and conservation of the environment
    3) To promote education and Vocational training such as carpentry and tailoring To
    4) To promote self reliance and empowerment of the rural poor and sensitize the community to HIV/AIDS human rights and other issues
    5) To advocate for and provide improved water and sanitation services for the community
    6) To facilitate and support through micro finance loans and other means farmers and women’s groups in the community: and
    7) To seek out and facilitate relationships with overseas and Ugandan organizations willing to partner with the community in support of the above objectives
    Basing on the above objectives given above we wish to request all national, international organizations to join us/ partner with RAMBIA in order to achieve our set objectives.
    We need Medical Doctors, Clinicians, midwives, comprehensive nurses, lab Tech, Dental assistants, lab. Assistants, Accountants, Hospital administrators, and other persons trained in fundraising to come and work with is.

    Or if you know of any organization who sends volunteers to African countries do not hesitate to connect us with such development organization.
    I will be happy to respond to some Questions from any well wisher who might be willing to partner with us in any way.
    My Telephone Contact:
    +256 7849 32900
    Skype Contact: bwambale.daniel

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