About Us

Go Volunteer Africa is a Ugandan-based matchmaking organization that operates meaningful affordable, low-fee and free volunteer, gapyear, internships and culture immersion projects throughout Africa. GVA was founded in 2009 (as Hope Development Volunteers) and has provided meaningful, life-changing projects to over 5000 volunteers.

Volunteer in Africa

Volunteer in Africa

Go Volunteer Africa programs run from 1 day to 12 months and program fees start at just $120 for a one week and this already includes application fee, placement booking, food and accommodation, making us the MOST AFFORDABLE VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION in the world. Unlike many other volunteer organizations, which are based outside Africa, we are locally made and all your support and contributions goes directly to the projects you choose to support.

Whether you are interested in volunteering with an orphanage, HIV/AIDS project, wildlife, Conservation, gap year, culture exchange, internship in Africa or simply want to find out about free volunteering in Africa, we can help you find suitable volunteer work in Africa.

Go Volunteer Africa offers over 100 community-driven development programs in healthcare, education, sports and coaching, childcare, social services, women empowerment, wildlife conservation, construction, environmental protection and social services in over 20 countries of Africa.

Professional Matchmakers:

Go Volunteer Africa is a matchmaker with a dual role of providing the solutions for both the volunteers and the not-for-profit organizations in Africa. We assure a good organization-volunteer match by gathering pertinent information about both prospective volunteers and non-profit organizations in Africa.

Why Matchmaking?:

Those involved with running projects and other voluntary organizations know how difficult it is to obtain sufficient resources to undertake their work.  This includes resources of all kinds: funding, human resources, materials etc.

Community Work

Community Work


Thousands of people are anxious to donate their time and abilities but become frustrated because they don’t know where their talents are needed. At the same time, hundreds of African non-profit organizations are seeking competent volunteers to enable them to carry on their very important work.

Go Volunteer Africa works in cooperation with grass-roots organizations in Africa. We support these organizations through recruitment of volunteers and grants to support their work and help increase their capacity. The organizations Go Volunteer Africa works with in Africa were established and are run by native residents. They existed prior to our involvement with them and run completely without interference from Go Volunteer Africa. Their main purpose is to support their local community: mainly children, youth and vulnerable adults.

The Volunteer Programs

The volunteer programs which Go Volunteer Africa promotes are owned and run by our partners. Even though Go Volunteer Africa often offers advice and support to our partners when setting up their volunteer program, the partner organization determines what the program consists of: content, finance and practical matters are all decided upon by the partner, before Go Volunteer Africa begins promoting the program to potential volunteers.

E-mail us: info@govolunteerafrica.org


10 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Dear representative,
    Daos Children’s centre is in Mombasa,kenya.It assists orphans and children in extreme poverty get education,food,medical,stationery,clothing through supporters.
    May the Centre be able to get volunteers from your organization to help out?

  2. I am a headteacher of a primary school in Uganda, “kayenje Church of Uganda primary school in Butambala District in Gombe town Council, Kayenje Village, indeed, l was given this organization by our Volunteer teacher from UK to apply to your organization for support for several projects, When l see the way our children in our school are suffering, studying in dusty classrooms, cracks allover the walls, l even shade tears, l have seen several schools in developed countries the way they look, indeed l feel shocked.
    I here by appeal to this organization to help us fund the 3 projects l have submitterd to you. Our school is offering free Universal primary education where government has not provided good infrastructure yet many children and enrolled in the school, please help us in any way you can.

  3. biodiversity and sustainable development
    Wednesday, May 22, 2013

    Horizon Youth Empowerment Community Transformation (HYECT) is a not
    profit making Community Based Organization (CBO) which was established
    in 2008 and registered as a CBO by the government of the Republic of
    Uganda and Kamuli District NGO forum.
    The organization is located at Kumugoya village, Bumogoli Parish,
    Kagulu sub-county in Buyende district (Which was part of Kamuli
    district as a constituency named Budiope, now an independent district)
    The main objective of the organization is to empower the unemployed
    youths, socially, spiritually and economically to enable them
    participate in job creation in order to create sustainable change in
    their lives.
    Other objectives in brief include eradication of poverty, illiteracy,
    ignorance, diseases and to develop talents through sports and
    performing arts as a way of life.
    The organization is also a platform to promote equality within the
    community henceforth fighting gender discrimination, racial abuse,
    empowering the disabled, fight nepotism of any nature to create
    togetherness, unity and harmony.
    It is a youth led organization that seeks to address the challenges
    facing young people as they best understand these challenge that they
    face on a daily basis. Besides, being led by the group of hardworking
    youths creates a sense of belonging, comfort, trust, openness and
    The organization runs and intends to create avenues to uplift
    positively the lives of the young people by engaging them in a variety
    of income generating and life improving activities among which include
    farming, animal/bird raring, masonry, skills development, spiritual
    building, education, health redress/education and prepare them to
    address the numerous challenges that are bound to affect them.
    The organization takes pride in involving the entire community in its
    projects because it’s the best way it can solve and bring to attention
    the problems that affect it’s people, seek solutions and other forms
    of mitigations to raised problems.
    The organization as a way of being efficient, impactful and
    resourceful to the community carries out periodical consultation and
    sensitization to be more relevant to the people.
    To be able to achieve this members of the community are physically
    involved in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the
    projects and programs of the organization so that there is
    transparency and a direct input from the people, the beneficiaries.
    Integrity, transparency and unity are key pillars of this organization
    owing it to the fact that its community based driven by the desire to
    improve the lives of the youth and pave way for the proper grooming of

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