Administrative/Office Volunteer Opportunities in Uganda

Do you have a few weeks off your daily schedule that you can donate to help? Would you like to be part of a team that makes a difference in the lives of poor under-privileged communities of Uganda? Our administrative team juggles the needs of all our clients, programs and staff. We have many projects and staff that could use an extra set of hands. Volunteers/Interns perform valuable work by helping with clerical duties here at Buwama Community Development Organization (BUCODEO) in Uganda.

We need your time, enthusiasm and expertise!  Buwama Community Development Organization is a volunteer-driven organization and depends on the support of the community to deliver our programs and services to disadvantaged individuals. Without volunteers, we simply would not be able to fulfill our mission.

Administrative/Office volunteer opportunities are a great way to develop or maintain project management and clerical skills.

Perform a variety of general duties related to the functions of BUCODEO. Provide information to the public and staff members when need and help us setting up systems. Positions in this class typically have little or no directly related work experience and work under little supervision while learning job tasks.

Volunteer with BUCODEO

Volunteer with BUCODEO

General duties:

Assist the general office with a variety of office tasks including filing, record keeping, typing and designing special projects.

These positions give an administration volunteer the valuable opportunity to expand their experience in administrative responsibilities plus an insight of what it means to work in an environment that may be vastly different from what they are used to.

Administration volunteering is not limited to working in offices, but may also provide support at schools, hospitals, and many other institutions where we partner in development.

An administration volunteer interested in these positions should have the capability of working independently; have strong organization and time management skills, competency in communication, as well as, good writing techniques.  A volunteer should be aware that, their administration volunteering placement position may involve working in a variety of departments and  having numerous duties, It is therefore, imperative that any administration volunteer be flexible and able to adapt easily to new tasks.

Responsibilities in these placements may include filing papers, data entry, improving administrative structures, assistance in letter writing plus numerous others.

Some special tasks include but not limited to:

  1. Grant Writing & Fundraising Volunteer

A grant writing volunteer and a fundraising volunteer fulfill important roles of helping Buwama Community Development Organization secure the necessary funding to continue pursuing their causes.

Although these grant writing and fundraising volunteer placements do not necessarily require previous experience in this field, volunteers interested in these positions should feel confident in their writing and communication skills.

It is also beneficial for volunteers in these grant writing volunteer and fundraising volunteer placements to have strong research skills and feel comfortable networking.

  1. Computer & Website Volunteer

A website volunteer and/or computer volunteer is needed at Buwama Community Development Organization to develop and implement programs, websites, blogs, and other such mediums that are extremely important for organizations to gain visibility and transparency about their work. These resources can lead to organizations recruiting more volunteers, receiving funding, being recognized as a legitimate organization by the government, as well as other benefits.

A website volunteer and/or computer volunteer with IT, graphic design, website design and other such skills, would be greatly appreciated at this organization lacking these resources.

A website volunteer and/or computer Volunteer may not only have the opportunity to independently work on computer projects, but may also teach their skills to other staff, leading to a more sustainable positive effect.

  1. Micro Enterprise Volunteer

A Micro enterprise volunteer provides assistance and guidance to small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs.

Helping these initiatives not only ensures more security and financial independence for community members and their families, but strengthens the local economy.

Positions in micro enterprise volunteering include volunteering as a sustainable jewellery creator, a fair trade retail assistant, a life skills coach, or a fair trade research assistant.

Program fees:

USD$ 100 for placement booking (to confirm your participation)

USD$400 for the program

What is Included

  • Airport reception and transfer
  • 2-3 Day orientation
  • Continuous survival language training
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Pre-departure support
  • 24-7 emergency support

What is Not Included

  • Return to airport
  • International flights
  • Medical & cancellation insurance
  • Visa to enter country
  • Local transport to placement
  • Placement supplies if required

What to apply:

Please email us: (Subject: BUCODEO)

Or email:


One thought on “Administrative/Office Volunteer Opportunities in Uganda

  1. please thanks for the work Done and May God bless the work of your hands, Blessing to all those who volunteer to foster change in local communities

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